Content Marketing for Causes

Leveraging useful, relevant, and valuable content to attract and retain supporters and/or customers. 

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Why content marketing for causes?

No matter your cause - a charitable cause, a trade association, an open source project, a product, a business - content marketing draws potential supporters, clients, contributors, and customers in and shows them why you are valuable to what they care about.

It starts with content that is useful to them, which is then delivered through a variety of channels: blogs, videos, e-books, white papers, case studies, partners, earned media, social media, ads, and more. 


What I Do

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Open Source

Open source software, hardware, and standards run the world - quite literally. They power innovation in mind-blowing ways, and I love telling the stories and motivating people and organizations to contribute, donate, and use. 

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Digital Fundraising

As a Certified Fundraising Optimization Professional, I know fundraising begins with engagement and relationships. You show what their donations make possible. 

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With 11 years of Capitol Hill experience and 8 years at advocacy organizations, I know how Congress works and how to use grassroots, media, and content to affect affirmative action for your cause. 

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Content Creation

The best marketing starts with providing useful information to people. It shows your value to them. I provide everything from blogging to explainer videos to infographics (and more) to help you share your knowledge and engage current and future supporters and clients. 

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I provide website design and development in both WordPress and HubSpot platforms, including optimizing for search engine optimization, performance, and conversions. 

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Digital advertising, whether through search ads on Google or social networks help you get your messaging in front of the audiences that matter to you. I offer managing Google Ads Grants accounts, paid Google ads, and Facebook and LinkedIn ads.

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I offer free consultations

I love to help! I will look at what you are doing, chat through some things, and offer recommendations to improve your marketing. No obligation except an hour of your time to talk through things.

Just book some time below.