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Motivating people to get involved in your cause is like guiding them up a mountain. People hike up a mountain because they believe the hard work will pay off with majestic views. Convince people to take that first step because of impact they will make. But it can’t stop there – you have to be a sherpa, and help them to the top. Help them become evangelists for your cause.



Produce content that people find helpful. 

SEO Strategy

Being on the second page of search results is like taking 4th place at the Olympics. 


Measure and Improve

Surprise – everyone doesn’t think like you. Measure, evaluate, and improve. 


Know where you want to go, plan how to measure progress, and adjust as necessary. 

Choose tools wisely

Buy the right tool and make sure you have the staff to use it well. 

Be Creative

Think differently to stand out and be noticed. 

Prioritize Content.


Drive More Traffic

You can increase you supporter base by increasing traffic and/or increasing conversion rates. Content drives traffic. 

Increase Conversion Rates

Content that people find valuable increases your causes’ worth to them. This is increase the number of visitors who engage with your cause, either through donations, volunteering, contacting elected officials, etc.

Increase Donations

Use content to demonstrate your value to the donor before you ask them to give. Show them you are adding value, don’t just tell them you are doing it. 

Your website has multiples more visitors than you have on your email list. They are interested in what you are doing. Convince them to engage.


Content About Content

Custom-Branded Zoom Backgrounds

Custom-Branded Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom backgrounds are a missed opportunity to convey messaging for your brand or your cause. Or just to have a little fun – something we all need right now (well, okay, we always need it, but especially now).

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When the Best Practice Isn’t the Best Practice

When the Best Practice Isn’t the Best Practice

The bottom line is that you can’t assume a best practice is the best practice until you test it. Take time to think about how you can test it well, setup some test, and adjust as necessary. Maybe you will confirm it and maybe you will find a new best practice.

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Marketing Innovation in the Government

Marketing Innovation in the Government

It isn’t often that I can write about marketing innovation in government. After all, the bureaucracy tends to suffocate innovation. Plus, it can be hard to make things like soil conservation cool.

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Content Marketing is like Effective Networking

Content Marketing is like Effective Networking

Content marketing is the online equivalent of effective professional networking. You are providing content, such as tooltips, white papers, how-to articles, studies, etc. to help people and demonstrate the value of your organization to them.

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