My Projects

Below are highlights of some of my projects that highlight a variety of ways to use content to market for causes. I have chosen projects including strategy, writing, website development, graphic design, and video production. 

E-Book Campaign

Fragile X 101

While Fragile X 101 is an e-book, this is really about a content campaign to engage new supporters. It involves a landing page, social media ads, emails, and website calls-to-action. I won the 2019 NIO Award for nonprofit innovation for this campaign. 


Stained Glass Video

I developed the concept and produced this short video designed to inspire or families who have received a Fragile X diagnosis and, additionally, share some of the positive aspects of their children. Watch


Xtraordinary Campaign

Xtraordinary is a campaign I designed and executed at the National Fragile X Foundation for awareness and engagement. It includes logo design, products, social campaign, video, and fundraising aspects.


All Day DevOps

Feedback Loops is a compilation of blog posts I ghostwrote for the All Day DevOps conference. I wrote over 100 posts based on the conference sessions. The purpose was to share valuable content and showcase the value of the conference. Content ranged from technical to high-level, geared to developers and executives. 

Web App


Polipsum is a web app that generates Lorem ipsum-style placeholder content using actual words and phrases from Presidential candidate speeches. It was a fund side project and is live at

Alexa Skill

Hypersensitivity to Audio

I built a skill for Amazon’s Alexa to demonstrate to people what individuals with hypersensitivity to audio hear compared to a typical person. It is a rich audio experience using Alexa’s new audio skills. View on the Amazon App Store.


Advocate Training

To help facilitate our virtual Capitol Hill day, and for future use, I developed an e-learning course for our advocates to teach the basic concepts they need to know before meeting with Congressional staff, from how appropriations requests work to following up after the meeting.

Web App


I conceived, designed, and developed a web app to meet the need for a more intuitive, Google-like search for Congressional information. There was one search bar where you could enter a name, committee, state, or district to find the information you needed. It was developed in JavaScript and the code still resides on GitHub.